This breathtaking story of teenage soldiers set in a remote area of South America will keep you on the edge of your seat. Alejandro Landes’ third feature Monos is a mesmerising and deeply disturbing movie. It deals with the absurdity of war and the dark side of human nature. Somewhere high up in the mountains, above the... Czytaj dalej →

The Best of 2018 Film Festivals

Manta Ray, dir. Phuttiphong Aroonpheng Films presented at film festivals in general can be divided into two pools. One is films that get world premiers during those prestigious events and after that they go on and make some money in a real world. By that I mean they get a release in cinemas in many... Czytaj dalej →

A Star Is Born – film review

Debutant director's perfect scenario. Make a movie that will premiere at one of the most important film festivals - in Venice. Cast an iconic star in it, along with yourself. Get rave reviews from everyone. And Bradley Cooper did just that. A Star Is Born not only heralds the emergence of a new talented director... Czytaj dalej →

Ismael’s Ghosts – film review

Remember last year, when Cannes festival opened with a French drama full of A-listed actors? Neither do I, because Ismael's Ghosts is one utterly forgettable, pointless and irritating movie. For the 70th anniversary of the event, it was not appropriate to choose production from another country. Also, Arnaud Desplechin made his debut on the Cote... Czytaj dalej →

L’Amant Double – film review

François Ozon's provocative film will not leave viewers indifferent. The French director returns to the top form. The director uses genre cinema vocabulary, such as erotic thriller, horror and mystery drama, but he processes them in his own way. This way L'amant double starts working on multiple levels and is full of exciting details. Ozon... Czytaj dalej →

Solo: A Star Wars Story – film review

The biggest badass of the galaxy and many people's favourite character from the Star Wars saga rightly deserved a solo - excuse the pun - movie. There were many doubts about this project, directors swapped halfway through, but the most important one was casting. Who could play the legendary smuggler better than Harrison Ford? Well,... Czytaj dalej →

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