Lean On Pete – film review

Lean On Pete dir. Andrew Haigh United Kingdom 2017 Coming of age issues, facing death and finding your place in life are the main themes of the Lean On Pete - drama directed by Andrew Haigh. It's first American film of this British director, known for 45 years and Weekend, based on the best-selling book... Continue Reading →

The Wound – film review

The Wound dir. John Tengrove South Africa, Germany, The Netherlands, France 2017 The debut film by John Tengrove touches on topics of forbidden love, rejection and rebellion. All of those have been quite well-researched by the cinema for many years. Fortunately, the director avoids easy narrative solutions, and by embedding the story in exotic realities,... Continue Reading →

Custody – film review

Jusqu'à la garde dir. Xavier Legrand France 2017 Custody turned out to be a dark horse of last year's Venice Film Festival. The film delighted not only the audience but was also noticed by the jury - Xavier Legrand left Italy with the Silver Lion award for the best director and won prestigious Lion of the... Continue Reading →

The Leisure Seeker – film review

The Leisure Seeker dir. Paolo Virzì Paolo Virzì has been delivering solid cinema balancing on the border of commercialism and arthouse for over a dozen years, but so far he has been doing that mainly in Italy. His first production filmed entirely in the United States has two big stars: Brit Dame Helen Mirren (Woman In... Continue Reading →

A Quiet Place – film review

A Quiet Place dir. John Krasinski USA 2018 There is only one way for this movie to carry you away and surprise you completely. Avoid any trailers, descriptions, abstracts and - yes - reviews! Therefore, please, either come back here after the screening or read on at your own risk. I promise, there will be... Continue Reading →

Rampage – film review

Rampage dir. Brad Peyton USA 2018   Hollywood has already brought us a film about emojis inside a smartphone, production based on the game of battleships and a series of blockbusters inspired by transforming toy robots. It is not surprising then that the producers decided to adopt Rampage for the big screen - arcade game... Continue Reading →

I Am Not A Witch – film review

I am not a witch dir. Rungano Nyoni UK, France 2017 The debut film from Rungano Nyoni combines tragedy with black humor, surrealism with almost documentary observation. I am not a witch is a shocking story about how prejudices, superstitions and greed can lead to an unnecessary tragedy. Worst of all, it's a story based on facts to... Continue Reading →

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