The BlockBusters Podcast 16: Proxima, Mission: Impossible 4 and 5, Radioactive, Wind That Shakes The Barley and Blade

Another podcast extravaganza with unique and relevant stuff, as always. For example, Conor will teach you how to make a proper Neapolitan pizza. We will answer the most important question of the week: should you pay 30 dollars for a movie to watch at home? You will find out who is the craziest character from ‘Selling Sunset’. If you ever wonder what does a wind that shakes the barley sound like, here’s your chance! And we discuss why ‘Blade’ is one of the coolest comic movies ever made.

00:00 Conor on becoming a pizza expert


12:41 ‘Mulan’ will be available on Disney+ for a hefty price

24:30 Denis Villeneuve talking about making of ‘Dune’ in lockdown – article

30:20 Nia DaCosta to direct ‘Captain Marvel 2’ – article

38:30 HBO Developing Drama Series Adaptation Of Acclaimed Polish Film ‘The Hater’ – article

39:50 ‘Selling Sunset’ Series 3 is out and Conor calls it a ’shameful triumph of wealth’ (and it’s not a recommendation)

What Have We’ve Been Watching

44:00 ‘Proxima’ (cinema release) – trailer

47:30 ‘Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol’ & ‘Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation’

58:50 ‘Radioactive’ (Amazon Prime)

1:03:30 ‘How To Build A Girl’ (Amazon Prime)

1:05:30 ‘Wind That Shakes The Barley’

1:17:00 ‘Black Is King’ (Disney+) Check out this article on Enquire on symbolism in Beyonce’s film

1:20:25 ‘Blade’ (Amazon Prime)

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