The BlockBusters Podcast 15: Stage Mother, Homemade, Mission: Impossible 3, Justice League, Selling Sunset

What a difference two weeks make. Tenet was removed from the release calendar and then brought back. Emmy nominations were announced. Venice line-up was revealed. And Rado went to the cinema after a long break!

We also discuss movies and TV shows we’ve been watching, some new, but mainly old. It’s a pretty jam-packed episode, so enjoy that one on us.

00:00 Rado’s first visit to the cinema in 132 days.


14:30 TENETWATCH: Tenet will be released in the UK (and other countries) ahead of the US!  

23:40 17 day theatrical window between AMC and Universal in the US agreed.

33:45 Emmy Nominations accounted.

40:30 New Netflix movie with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.

45:05 Venice Film Festival line-up revealed.

What Have We’ve Been Watching:

53:00 Mission: Impossible 3

57:15 Justice League

1:05:00 Le Mans 66 (Ford v Ferrari)

1:11:00 Stage Mother

1:15:45 It Part 2

1:18:20 Homemade (Netflix, anthology)

1:21:00 Cursed (Netflix, TV series)

1:23:30 Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado (Netflix)

1:25:00 Blade Trilogy (Amazon Prime)

1:25:35 Selling Sunset (Netflix)

1:30:35 Conor Recommends: Watchmen (TV Series, HBO) and Ghost of Tsushima (Game, Playstation)

1:33:00 Rado Recommends: I May Destroy You (TV series, BBC iPlayer) and Short Term 12 (BBC iPlayer)

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