Podcast Episode 14: The Old Guard, Warrior Nun, Mission: Impossible 2

It turns out that even when there is not much to talk about, we still have a lot of things to talk about. Like discussing safety measures in cinemas when they reopen. Guessing when Tenet will be released. Learning what are Twin Movies. Being fascinated by the electricity. And finally, getting excited by nuns. With guns.

We also managed to review a film, surprise! Warning, spoilers ahead.


00:30 Tenetwatch (new name for recurring segment of our show: we check out if there’s another delay of Christopher Nolan’s film)

06:39 Safety measures at local cinemas reviewed

20:08 Matt Reeve’s Batman and HBO Max TV series spinoff

What have we’ve been watching:

29:10 Conor: The Last of Us Part II gameplay, Mission: Impossible 2 (Digital)

36:10 Rado: The Prestige, The Current War (Amazon Prime), Warrior Nun (Netflix, TV series)


48:30 The Old Guard (Netflix) – spoilers from 54:10

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Warrior Nun and The Old Guard trailers curtesy of Netflix.


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