Podcast Episode 12: Da 5 Bloods, 365 Days, Into the Unknown: Making of Frozen 2, Best of 2020 so far

We made it passed episode 10! Can you believe it? To celebrate it we actually had a meaningful discussion about care for local businesses in the times of COVID-19. After that, it’s the usual nonsense.

We talk about late Joel Schumacher and mention our favourite films he directed (we don’t list his sexual partners, even he lost the count). Conor has some breaking news about Batman, ‘Tenet’ is delayed again and we discuss safety measures that await audiences in the cinemas when they reopen.

Conor didn’t have time to watch anything this week as he keeps playing through The Last of Us Part II. Rado, on the other hand, doesn’t play any games and he watched a ton of films, new and old, and few TV shows. He also warns against watching ‘365 Days’ that keeps trending on Netflix, despite it’s a Polish movie. It’s just very, very bad!

We review Spike Lee’s latest movie – ‘Da 5 Bloods’.

At the end, we reflect on 2020 so far and list our favourite films and TV shows.

Run of the show:

00:00 Support your local shops


10:28 Joel Schumacher passed away

18:40 Michael Keaton will return as Batman!

20:21 Tenet delayed yet again

21:30 Concerns about safety measures at cinemas

26:33 Taipei Film Festival – first one to go live after COVID-19 broke the world 

What have we’ve been watching

27:55 Conor keeps playing The Last of Us Part II

29:40 What We Do In the Shadows (series 2, BBC iPlayer)

30:57 The Sailsbury Poisonings (miniseries, BBC iPlayer)

33:45 Mad Max: Fury Road (Amazon Prime)

34:14 Game Night (Amazon Prime)

34:34 Hoop Dreams (MUBI)

35:10 7500 (Amazon Prime)

35:44 The Vast of Night (Amazon Prime)

36:20 Into The Unknown: Making Frozen 2 (documentary series, Disney+)

39:45 The Woods (miniseries, Netflix)

41:37 365 Days (Netflix)


45:45 Da 5 Bloods (Netflix)

68:10 Our favourite films and TV shows from 2020 so far

Our choices for 2020 so far:


Conor: JoJo Rabbit, 1917, The Invisible Man

Rado: Never Rarely Sometimes Always, Uncut Gems, Dark Waters

TV Shows

Conor: The Outsider, Devs, Dave

Rado: Better Call Saul, Normal People, Devs, The Last Dance

Share your favourite films and TV shows pd 2020 with us on our Twitter, in the comments section or email hello[at]blockbusters.net.

You can find us online on Twitter: @BlockBusterspod@rdfolta and @designconor.

We both have Letterboxd profiles, where you can track what have we’ve been watching:

Rado: radox


Our theme music is by Scott Holmes and you can find more of his work at scottholmesmusic.com.

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