Episode 7: Tenet trailer, The Snyder Cut, Some Good News

Brand new episode of The Block Busters Podcast is full of movie and TV news.

  • Second ‘Tenet’ trailer has been released – Conor talks about release of the promo video for the upcoming Christopher Nolan movie in Fotnite. Rado admits he tries avoiding trailers!
  • Cinemas in Japan are open! And you can watch some decent movies there!
  • The Snyder Cut of ‘Justice League’ is real! Are we waiting for it? No. Is it going to be good? We don’t think so. We still talk about details of this 2021 HBO Max project. #DontReleaseTheSnyderCut
  • ’Normal People’ almost broke BBC iPlayer generating record viewing figures for this platform, but Conor still has not watched it.
  • ‘Some Good News’, homemade TV chat show invented out of boredom and hosted by John Krasinski, will move from YouTube to CBS. Not good news for viewers in the UK.


You can find us online on Twitter: @BlockBusterspod@rdfolta and @designconor.

We both have Letterboxd profiles, where you can track what have we’ve been watching:

Rado: radox


Our theme music is by Scott Holmes and you can find more of his work at scottholmesmusic.com.

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