The Best of 2018 Film Festivals

Manta Ray, dir. Phuttiphong Aroonpheng

Films presented at film festivals in general can be divided into two pools. One is films that get world premiers during those prestigious events and after that they go on and make some money in a real world. By that I mean they get a release in cinemas in many countries, you can buy them on Blu-rays, DVDs or stream on VOD platforms. Especially if they win any awards.

Group two is much more interesting. Those films only live at film festival circuit, they might win awards, maybe not the most important ones, but they surly get noticed. But they turn out to be too weird, too difficult for a regular audience, too niche, too obscure. Who would want to watch 2 hour documentary about rural town in Indiana, quiet family drama from Kazakhstan or a surrealistic Thai movie. But these films are the salt of film festivals!

2018 was a huge year for me. With 5 film festivals under the belt – Berlin, Cannes, Venice, London and Wroclaw – where I watched 206 films! Some of them will never see a release, some will be in the cinemas next year. This is 20 best of them:

Aga (Berlin, PL release for 2019)

Aquarela (Venice, London)

Blaze (London)

Burning (Cannes, UK release 2019, released in PL in 2018)

Capharnaum (Cannes, PL release for 2019)

Destroyer (London, UK release for 2019)

Dovlatov (Berlin)

Girl (Cannes, UK and PL release for 2019)

Green Book (London, UK and PL release for 2019)

Happy As Lazzaro (Cannes, UK and PL release for 2019)

In Fabric (London)

Long Day’s Journey Into The Night (Cannes)

Manta Ray (Venice)

Museo (Berlin)

Retablo (Berlin)

The Sisters Brothers (Venice, UK release for 2019)

The World Is Yours (Cannes, released in Poland in 2018)

Under The Silver Lake (Cannes, released in Poland in 2018)

We, The Animals (London)

Wild Rose (London, UK release for 2019)


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